Apple Macbook Update

Apple Macbook Update

This appears unclear what is being tried to achieve.

  1. MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 Supplemental Update 2. MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 supplemental update addresses an issue that may prevent the battery from charging in some 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro models.
  2. So if your Mac computer almost ran out of the storage space, your macOS update stuck at the beginning for sure. To make sure how much space your Mac has left, from the Apple menu, select About This Mac More Info Storage. If your Mac update failed definitely owing to the storage space, the only thing you need to do is to free up the space on.

Apple, Mac, iPhone News and Rumors. Apple News and Rumors. Based on the timing of the update, Apple likely did this change around the release of iOS and iPadOS 15. Apple didn't respond to a.

Then - since the question is in Big Sur but user profile is showing MAcBook Sir 11', macOS 10.14 which in Mojave - guessing one what to upGrade from Mojave to Big Sur


Tips How to Upgrade to Big Sur

There are several points to consider before attempting the upgrade to Big Sur. The most important is Due Diligence on the part of the User and is a Prerequisite for a smooth upgrade.

Point # 1 - Are there pre-existing Unresolved Software Issues. They should be resolved prior to upgrading - they may carryover to Big Sur making the system unstable / unusable.

Point # 2 - Are there any AntiVirus, Disk Cleaner, Optimizers, Un-installers, etc installed which should be removed as per Developers Instructions. They are useless, unneeded, cause havoc and interfere with the normal operation of the OS and may even Corrupt the OS requiring a Reinstallation. The Built-in Security of Big Sur is all that is required.

Apple macbook update stuck

Point # 2 A - Commercial VPNs should only be used if Mandated by Corporate Head Office for working remotely. Otherwise - ones Privacy and Security touted by the VPN is suspect.

Point # 3 - What are the System Requirements ie: Empty Space Requirements specific to the Big Sur. Apple States Requiring 35.6 GB of Empty Space but suggest 50 GB

Point # 4 - Does the intended computer qualify for the upgrade.

Point # 5 - Are the installed Applications / Extensions compatible with Big Sur. Check with the Developer for compatible Apps / Extension or do they offer updates. Same goes for Third Party Drivers for Printer, Scanners etc.

Point # 6 - If upgrading from Mojave and earlier versions of macOS - Remember that Big Sur does not support anything 32 bit. These include Applications, Extensions and Drivers for any devices. There is no workaround.

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Point # 6A - To check for 32 bit Applications - a good application to use is Go64 - safe to use.

Point # 7 - Do you have a Rescue Plan In-Place. This comprises having 3 Backups using 2 methods and 1 Off Site incase of Theft, Loss or Natural Disasters. A Time Machine Backup is very useful and can be used to Revert to Previous Working macOS. For addition purposes - two Tested Bootable Clones each to separate external drives. This is insurance incase the upgrades goes sideways. At least one Tested Clone and / or Time Machine Backup should be Off - Site

Point # 8 - To upgrade to Big Sur will requires a quick, stable and reliable Internet Connection - preferred method is via Ethernet Connection.

If not available and using Wifi - move computer as close to the Access Point / Router and disconnect all other devices connected to Wifi. Want the maximum bandwidth for the computer being upgraded to Big Sur.

Apple Macbook Update Taking Forever

Oct 7, 2021 2:33 AM